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Evolutionary Ecology

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Thierry Lodé 

Professor of Evolutionary biology and Ecology  

 Research :

UMR ETHOS Université de Rennes1/CNRS 6552

Thierry Lodé in the sunFaculté des Sciences
Campus de Beaulieu
Université de Rennes 1.
35042 Rennes, France

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 Teaching :

Faculté des Sciences
Campus de Belle Beille

Université d’Angers
49045 Angers, France

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My works mainly deal with evolutionary ecology and social ethology of vertebrates.

 In an evolutionary biology perspective, my researches focus on sexual antagonism and on the ecological basis of mating strategies, dealing with social behavior and habitat constraints affecting reproductive strategies.

Research topics developed mainly focus on sexual strategies, introducing variability of life-history strategies to reveal the influence of habitat on mating system.

I am currently conducting both field and experimental designs to test different models on the adaptive basis of mating system.

La Guilde des Doctorants 

 Key-words : Ethology, ecology, evolution, conservation biology, fitness, habitat selection, population genetic, sexual system, sexual conflict, antagonistic coevolution, speciation.


Création : 26 Avril 1998 - Responsable : Thierry Lodé




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