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Evolutionary Ecology

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Dispersal and habitat
Dispersal and habitat exploitation in mustelids and viverrids …

In carnivores, the occupation of space could largely depend upon habitat availabilities. Nonetheless, the space use and the choice for peculiar environment affected the reproduction of species through habitat selection evolutionary mechanisms. 

Martes foina (Lodé Gd Lieu)

Often regarded as forest dwelling specialists, martens surveyed by radiotracking didnot use exclusively large forest habitats. Indeed, animals moved faster in forest suggesting that they mainly feed in hedges.

Stone marten shoed a very diversified diet, including birds and small rodents, and alternated with a summer diet based on insects and fruits. In urban environments, monitored stone martens avoided the red fox presence, revealing a clear segregation of space use. 

Mustela vison

A similar segregation of space use was found in habitat exploitation between American mink Mustela vison and polecat Mustela putorius surveyed in Brière emphasizing a form of intolerance among mustelids. 

Genetta genetta (Lodé Gd Lieu)

We studied feeding habits of genets Genetta genetta and found a very specialized diet, genets fed mainly upon field mice Apodemus sylvaticus, in their northwestern range.



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